My Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

My Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

If a member holds two or more titles (post adjutant & district commander) will they require more than one account log in?

There are no more multiple logins.  You may have additional groups within your account based on the office(s) you hold, and permissions assigned by administrators.

Email Correspondence

How do I know if the email sent to me is legitimate?

Emails related to MyLegion are from The American Legion Identity Provider.  Be aware that threat actors are always looking for ways to compromise your work or personal email accounts. The American Legion is purposefully an open organization both in its public relations and veterans’ assistance programs. All post, department, and national positions who communicate electronically are at risk of being targeted. Sometimes those attacks come from already compromised email accounts. The message you receive may look very real at first look.

**BEFORE you take action on a request, be certain the email you received was authored by the apparent the sender. If the message looks somewhat wrong, feels not quite right, or asks for something out of character, verify it with the sender.

What we have seen:

I need a few gift cards or some form of electronic money:

Threat actors or scammers, will attempt to push the recipient to buy gift cards and send the account numbers for the cards over email or SMS (texting). Often the scammer will ask you to send them a text so they can move to a different communication channel. We have also had scammers text first and then move to email.

Please log in to see this very important document:

This ruse is used most often to dupe the recipient into logging into a fake site. This may be an email host site (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) or Office 365 depending on what the threat actor knows about the recipient. Once you have logged into this fake site you find there is a junk document. The bad guy now has your account credentials and will be harvesting your messages and contacts and sending out further scams from your mailbox.
If you are in doubt of a message’s validity when the sending address is a known value, try contacting the requestor outside of the email address they use to send. A phone conversation can be a good method to uncover attacks that are in play.
Do not implicitly trust email from external senders based on a familiar sender name. Start each decision to open the message or attachment with a zero-trust score. This method of determining the quality of the message is a scoring approach. For each item that supports a good message or file, increment the confidence score.

Good items include:

  • A verified sender - The friendly name and the email address match what you know to be true.
  • An expected message – A report/request that you would expect to receive.
  • No request to sign in – Attachments should NOT ask you sign in to see the content.
  • Links to good/known domains – No copycat sites. vs
  • No Urgency – A request to send money to your supervisor or CEO emergently.
  • No Spelling/Grammar errors – Threat Actors have terrible English Skills (Despite Grammarly)
  • Addressed specifically – (Dear) John Smith not “Valued Customer”, “Sir”, or none at all.
  • No [EXTERNAL] stamp in subject – message from TAL staff coworkers will NOT have this.

If you grade the above items at 1 point each, anything below a 5 is concerning.

There are a few immediate stoppers.

  • A message that has a link that immediately asks you for your Microsoft login credentials while you are on your work computer.  – Stop! Call IT and get a consult.
  • An attachment that when opened states that you must authenticate or take any action just read the document.

Microsoft has a short video that is spot on when it comes to email phishing. The page also offers further explanations of many of the points made above.

Protect yourself from phishing (

General - What is the “group profile”?

Group Profile is the administrative side of This area known as “My Groups” provides membership listings, reports, and member management tools.

General - Are adjutants and commanders the only ones allowed to access My Groups?

Adjutants and commanders (Administrative Officers) have access to My Groups as soon as they are entered in National’s membership system as that officer and ends with the end of their term. Either officer can assign a member of their group permission to access the group profile. Only members of the group can be provided with permission. Post and squadron administrative officers can do this through MyLegion.  District and County officers must request permissions to be assigned by your department HQs.

Membership Cards

Why didn’t I get a green bar roster with my cards?

Traditional paper (green bar) rosters are no longer mailed beginning with the 2023 membership year. Current rosters can be created at any time through myLegion by both the adjutant and commander.

I received my cards, but PUFL cards are missing, why?

PUFL membership cards are mailed directly to the member around July 1.

How can I get a metal PUFL card?

Metal PUFL cards can be purchased through National Emblem Sales.

Membership Processing

How do I correct a member that I submitted in error?

Once a transmittal batch is submitted, it must complete before any updates can be made.  Contact your department to submit a cancellation memo to National HQs.  That payment will be refunded.  Enter the correct member renewal in a new batch.

How do I add/update payment information for online transmittals?

Adding payment information for online transmittals is done when finalizing your transmittal. A payment window allows you to enter your bank account information and store for future transmittals.

How much transmittal history is available?

Transmittal history is available beginning April 1, 2021, to present.

Echeck Processing Error – why do I receive this error?

Transmittals submitted with new payment information must complete prior to submitting subsequent transmittals.  Attempting to finalize a batch prior to the batch completion, will result in this error.  View the transmittal IN PROCESS, in Transmittal History.

This error also occurs if the post/squadron billing address does not match the billing address on the bank account entered.

How long does it take for a transmittal to process?

Transmittals process in 7 business days.  This does not include weekends and holidays.

Officer Updates

We are entering the "election" season. How are you able to effectively monitor administrative access after these elections and the change in officer positions?

MyLegion provides tools that allow your departments to update officer data quickly. Access will be reassigned as updates are entered, so providing that post data to your department headquarters is essential.

If you are a new adjutant or commander, do you have to submit a form to national to be able to have access?

No. Request forms to access MyLegion are no longer necessary. When you create a member account, you will have access based on your assigned office(s) on file. All MyLegion accounts are registered with the primary email address on your membership record.

Can officers be updated through MyLegion?

No.  All officers must be reported to your department HQs using the Member Data Form (MDF).  These forms are supplied by your department.

Member Online Renewal through

If a member renews online, how does the post/squadron get the money?

When a member renews online, all dues are collected. National will send post, district, or county dues to the department to distribute at the end of each month.

Members of the post cannot renew online. Why not?

Online renewal is currently only available for Legion members. Posts dues must meet National+Department per capita. If the total post dues do not cover national and department per capita, the member will not be able to renew online.

Why can’t Sons of the American Legion renew online?



Why cannot District and County administrators assign other member’s permissions to their group?

Assigning permissions required edit options.  District/County administrative officers do not have edit member options by default.  To request edit, contact your department HQs.

Transfer Members

Can I transfer a member online?

In addition to renewing and adding members, online processing includes transferring members as long as the member renews in the same transaction.

Do we have to send member data forms for transfer?

If the member is not renewing at the time of transfer, a member data form will still need to be submitted.

Updated 10/24/22