My Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

My Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is myLegion changing?
Answer:  The myLegion platform is currently powered by an outdated network which The American Legion is replacing.  The myLegion look is changing because the of the new network configuration.  We are working to ensure the capabilities you need most will be available along with some enhancements.

If we were previously doing transmittals on the old system, will we have to reinput the account information in new system?
Answer:  Yes. You will be asked for a one-time setup for bank account when you first access myLegion after April 1, 2021.  This will include your post/squadron banking information, which may be saved in your account.

What is the “group profile”?
Answer: Group Profile is the administrative side of myLegion.  The new myLegion sitewill have familiar features available in the left hand “My Views” menu.

Are post adjutants and commanders the only ones allowed to be group administrators?
Answer: Many posts and squadrons have situations occur when the group administrative officer is not the person maintaining membership.  The Administrative Officer can assign a member of their group permission to access group profile.  Only members of the group can be provided permission.

Will district leaders have the same access with the updated design?
Answer: Yes, all accesses should work the same.  District and County leadership access includes membership rosters and reports and do not have member management (edit) or online membership processing. 

Will the rules for sending transmittals change?
Answer:  No, posts and squadrons are encouraged to transmit memberships as soon as possible just as before.  The screens may look slightly different, but the process and payment methods are the same.

Can transfers be included in transmittals?
Answer: In addition to renewing and adding members, online processing includes transferring members as long as the member renews in the same transaction. 

Will previous transmittal history be available?
Answer: Converting transmittal history is in process and will be included in transmittal history.

How do I add/update payment information for online transmittals?
Answer: Adding payment information for online transmittals is done when finalizing your transmittal. A payment window allows you to enter your bank account information and store for future transmittals.

Updating payment information can only be done by contacting National MyLegion Support representatives to remove stored payment information. The next transmittal will allow you to add new payment information during finalization.

How will membership cards be printed?
Answer:  Membership cards will still be distributed by national headquarters and members can print their own cards through

If a member renews online, how does the post/squadron get the money?
Answer:  This business practice remains the same.  National will send post dues to the department to distribute.

Do we still have to send member data forms for transfer?
Answer:  If the member is not paying at the time of transfer, a member data form will still need to be submitted.

As District Adjutant, will I be able to look up post reports and transmittals in my District group?
Answer:  Current reports will remain the same.  The reports section is still in development.  If you do not have access to a report previously available, contact

If a member holds two or more titles (post adjutant & district commander) will they require more than one account log in?
Answer:  There are no more multiple logins.   You may have additional groups within your account based on the office(s) you hold, and permissions assigned by administrators.

Will rosters still be sent to each post?
Answer:  Traditional paper (green bar) rosters will be mailed for 2022.   Current rosters can be created at any time through myLegion by both the adjutant and commander.

Will National send members a renewal notice for the new 2022 year?
Answer:  Membership cards and renewal notice schedules for 2022 remain the same.

We are entering the "election" season. How are you able to effectively monitor administrative access after these elections and the change in officer positions?
Answer:  MyLegion provides tools that allow your departments to update officer data quickly. Access will be reassigned as updates are entered, so providing that post data to your department headquarters is essential.

If you are a new District Commander, do you still have to submit a form to national to be able to have access?
Answer: Request forms are no longer necessary.When you create a member account, you will have access based on your assigned office(s) on file.

As Post Adjutant I have been handing all the dues for both our post and SAL.  Will I still be able to do this?
Answer:  Yes, you can be assigned both administrative roles.

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