My Account - Frequently Asked Questions

My Account - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go to register for an account?
Answer:  In your web browser go to and select to register (upper right) for a new account.  You will be walked through the process.

If I completed the single sign on, will I have to re-register?
Answer: Accounts registered beginning January 1, 2021 will be able to login without re-registering.

If a member has already set up auto renew will they have to do it again under this system?
Answer: Those having a credit card on file for auto-renewal should experience a seamless transition.

Will my legion profile list officer positions held (if any) in post, district, department, and national?
Answer:  Yes, any office you hold will be listed on your membership account.

I am a dual member with myLegion and mySAL accounts.  Will this change?
Answer:  Yes, your myLegion account will be your only log in now, with your SAL information included on your member profile.

Does the individual lose access to the account if their dues are not current?
Answer: They will not lose access to the account, but their membership will show as expired and they will lose access to member benefits until they renew.

Is there a way to stop certain mailings or solicitations?
Answer: There are opt-out capabilities within the member profile.

Is there a plan for Riders to be integrated as well?
Answer:  Riders must first be a member of The American Legion family, so can register accounts on myLegion if they are Legion or SAL.  We are having conversations on how to best identify them.

Will American Legion Auxiliary members be able to register on myLegion?
Answer:  No, American Legion Auxiliary is a separate organization and maintain their own membership database.

Do you have a question not listed here? 
You can email:

Contact Number:  1-833-253-9995